Fuelling the future

The Hydrogen Network

We're ending the days of small scale hydrogen projects. 


We provide large-scale hydrogen storage at sites close to towns and cities across the UK.  

Working with our engineering partners, we can build hydrogen hubs that deliver large amounts of hydrogen, providing security of supply for multiple users across whole regions. 

The scale of our storage dramatically lowers production costs and we pass the savings on to you.



A national hydrogen network.


Our hydrogen hubs will enable fuel users to kick start their transition to net zero.  

Working with existing infrastructure, we will replicate our approach in major centres across the UK. 

Combined, our sites will form the first full scale national network of clean hydrogen.  


We are the future of a national hydrogen storage and supply network.

As the energy transition gathers momentum, we will provide security of supply through a national network of production and storage. 

Working with the best. 


If you are delivering transport or energy services, your fuel source needs to be reliable.  

We are collaborating with proven technology providers, major energy operators, investors, and end users to ensure that we provide reliable supplies of clean, low cost hydrogen throughout the UK.

Together, we will make affordable hydrogen available everywhere. 


Green hydrogen is transforming public transport.

Hydrogen fuel cell buses are appearing all over the UK. They can travel further and refuel faster than battery electric buses, and leave no air pollution in our towns and cities.

The air quality and health benefits of this transition will be huge in urban areas.  

Trains and other forms of public transport will soon follow.

Easing the transition for heavy goods vehicles.

Hydrogen offers a refuelling experience almost identical to diesel. No overnight charging, minimal operational impact.

We select sites for hydrogen storage based on analysis of patterns of HGV movement and refuelling needs.

We're providing fuel where you need it. 

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Going beyond.

We are focusing on public and heavy-duty transport first, but we are constantly exploring new markets. 


Hydrogen will play a big part in transforming shipping, aviation and heat.


A data driven approach.

​We are using geospatial analytics to predict hydrogen usage and pinpoint hydrogen storage locations within sophisticated selection criteria. This ensures an optimal match between hydrogen demand and supply, based on real-world data such as traffic mapping, demographics or land use. This data-driven approach will underpin the way we deliver a low-cost national network of reliable clean hydrogen for the UK.


Security of supply


Our storage provides tonnes rather than kilograms of low cost hydrogen at each site. That is how we can guarantee supply to multiple users at a regional level.


National network

We are building hubs in major centres across the UK, so you can be confident that you can refuel at the end of your journey.


Low cost

Our storage solution helps lower hydrogen prices – a prerequisite for widespread adoption.


Executive Team

Luke Johnson


A serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in energy and technology, Luke brings his international career spanning Australia, USA, Germany and the UK to the fore in identifying new market opportunities. His companies have received several prestigious awards, such as Scotland’s Exporter of the Year and Emerging Digital Tech Business of the Year, and Luke himself was a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year.

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Ian is focused on delivering our national transition to net zero emissions. Previously he was Head of Economic Policy and Strategy within Scotland’s First Minister’s Policy and Delivery Unit, where he was making policy at the heart of government. He brings a wide range of experience as an economist in the public and private sector and is now driving forward H2 Green’s strategy to build and deliver a hydrogen network across the UK.

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Ian Spencer


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